New Canadian Covid Passports - Designs unveiled!

A team of expert artists, marketers, scientists, lawyers and developers got together with one objective in mind: How to make life more creepy and socially awkward in the name of safety. We brainstormed themes and friendly ways to remind Canadians that we are covering their backs, like politicians always do in all countries. We came out with state of the art designs:

Design Concept

A futuristic mobile friendly Covid passport to carry everywhere, it will give you access to supermarkets, coffee shops, stadiums, flights and more (Just like you used to have without it). The freedom pass (more like the new communist ID) ensures that anyone in Canada discloses his medical history (it used to be a private thing) while helping society discriminate others with elegance. You may be required to have one by your employer and even by your own family. The passports are slick, modern, and reflect the new normal, pseudo-science driven dystopian but safer present we live in.

Clean and slick Covid pass, kid friendly and scanneable. Makes you feel good, compliant and obedient to the higher cause of making the marriage ultra powerful.

Honoring the colonial post-medieval times and the queen of England, this theme resembles the times when we, the peasants kneel down to a supreme authority. Just like you will be doing by having one of these badboys.

A design honoring the image of lord MAO, the man that put China in order regarless of killing 20 million under communist rule. It makes you feel respected and safer.

Canadians love obedience, and what a better way to showcase obedience than Hitler, an authoritative father figure that resembles what this document really is: a method to discriminate the unvaxinated so they can be sent to covid and influenza concentration camps.

The soviet theme is all about resilience and respect, respect for a dictatorship that wants you safe and healthy, by keeping the healthy out of society for not having this document.

The MECOPA (Medical communist pass) is for the common good of the community, who cares about the individual rights. Just use it and shut your mouth.

This design uses the image of Stalin, the father of modern authoritarianism, it makes you look not just vaccinated but respected and honored.

Commie Canada Covid passport is just a reminder that you can get your freedom back, but only by showing a QR code everywhere you go. If you don't have it, you will be politely arrested.

It is for your own health

Those crazy conspiracy theorists think that Covid passports are invasive, against your bill of rights, for control, for profit, for social manipulation etc, no, Canada and his bureaucratic team of neo extremists, is making sure you are safe and you are taken care of. There is no profit in forcing pharmaceuticals, apart of few dozen billions in commissions, there is no need to push vaccinations of novel drugs only tested for year. No, this is for your benefit, we want to treat Canada as a hospital, where everyone is assumed to be a virus carrier. Why to treat it like a free country? Those are obsolete times of the past

It is to keep you safe

Just like in the times of Hitler and Stalin, societal order and control was needed, parers were requested frequently and this was a good thing, the need to track, chase blackmail and follow up with people was key. It also allowed the government to decide who would go to concentration camps and gulags and who could buy bread. A modern country like Canada requires extreme, but friendly totalitarian measures, even if they go against science itself.

Let's bring back segregation and discrimination  under the name of "health". For our own good.  

Vaxports are a great tool to divide society into couple of distinct groups: The dirty and filthy unvaxxed bioterrorist (99.9% of the times healthy), and the pure race vaccinated person. There is no precedent in human history of a vaccine passport to do business. But because we are entering a new neo-communist times where "we are in this together" and "it's all for the common good" . So just accept it and promote it.